About Me

My working life has been dedicated to serving the public and I specialise in providing a helping hand to families, during times of sadness. I am a trained counsellor and have a detailed understanding of grief and the grieving process, which is of great benefit in my work.

I recently retired as a Detective with West Yorkshire Police, having served for thirty years. I worked in the CID, Child Protection and more recently, the Homicide and Major Enquiry Team, where I specialised in Family Liaison work.I worked with bereaved families, gathering information and evidence. I gained great job satisfaction from knowing, that although the experience of losing a loved one was very hard for family members, I did my best to ensure that the investigation did not make their situation any worse.

Throughout my Police service, I worked on many high profile investigations, including the Selby Train Crash, the Huddersfield Fire, where eight members of one family were killed. More recently, I worked on the Shannon Mathews investigation and the attempt murder of a young Polish woman, who was buried alive, but used her engagement ring to tear her bindings, helping her to escape from a shallow grave.

I have been recognised for my hard work on countless occasions, receiving Commendations, from Crown Court Judges and the Chief Constable. I have appeared on television many times and taken part in documentary programmes, as well as appearing on Panorama.
I look forward to the next phase of my life, continuing to help people following bereavement, ensuring the most difficult time, is navigated without added worries or stress.
I chose to train as an Independent Funeral Celebrant because I realise that it provides the opportunity for a perfectly balanced ceremony, as opposed to wholly religious, or a strictly non religious service such as Humanism.

Independent Funerals have the flexibility, for a funeral service which truly reflects the life of the person who has died, whether they would want a prayer or not. I firmly believe that whatever the family choose, it is their right to give their loved one, the final goodbye that they would have wanted.
I can provide the best possible service, spending time with bereaved families to talk through the options and choices, to ensure that the funeral ceremony I deliver will not only meet their needs but will bring great comfort in those dark days.